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Welcome To The World Marketplace!

Wyandotte Town Centre is home to many different businesses such as high quality Food Markets, Restaurants, Gift Shops, Beauty Salons, and Bakeries, Furniture stores, Clothing stores and Professional Business services. You can enjoy the exquisite cuisine of the many ethnic restaurants including Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Caribbean and Canadian to name a few. The gift shops, clothing stores and food markets feature products from Arabic countries as well as home-grown produce, meat and seafood. Our bakeries put forth a wide array of high quality sweets and pastries for all of your party needs as well as your sweet tooth!

Over the years the Wyandotte Town Centre Board of directors has endeavoured to provide a business environment that is conducive to attracting a wide variety of customers and tourists. Through aesthetic improvements the area is taking on a new life, which can only lead to success for the businesses that call Wyandotte Town Centre home!